We have discussed nutrition before. I can assume that if you find yourself reading this, you are still struggling with the P90X meal plan for women. My biggest offering of advice is to realize that like fitness, nutrition is a process. Mastering it does not happen over night. I wanted to post a quick how to stay on track plan, writing all the things that you CAN put on your P90X meal plan, for women who may be struggling with a key component to their nutrition. Put aside the formula for finding the correct caloric intake, and let’s just state the fact that you are not consuming any C.(carbonated)R.(refined)A.(alcohol)P.(processed) foods. The question then becomes, what can I eat if i don’t like…

Before you can really begin to tweak what it is you are eating, you have to understand the proper ratios and combinations of the foods that will fuel you throughout the day and through each workout. When people start a workout program the reasons are usually the same, to lose weight, tone up or increase their cardio endurance. Your approach to a fitness routine differs for each goal as well as your approach to nutrition for each. Looking over the P90X nutrition guide, you will notice right away the variation in ratios of proteins to carbohydrates to fats through phases I to II to III. Our ultimate goal is to Strengthen muscle and shed excess body fat. As the program unfolds, the ratios shift to add additional energy for performance and then again support peak physical performance and satisfaction our athletic bodies long term. So what does this all mean? It means that in the beginning it will take time and tremendous effort to figure out where you are at currently and where you need to be. A good rule of thumb is the as your energy level and work out intensity increases, your need for protein decreases.

Looking over the extensive menu and recipes with the P90X meal plan, you can begin to notice the foods you like and the ones you don’t. In order to stay focused and not stray from the nutritional guidelines you have to commit to foods that not only fall into a certain category at a certain ration, but they also have to be ones you enjoy and will eat. One tool I have used is Michi’s Ladder. Here you can see the proper exchange of protein to protein, fat to fat, etc. This way you can substitute foods that you may avoid eating for ones you will eat willingly.

The other made-or-break-rule when it comes to your fitness and nutrition success is to be prepared. Being prepared also can take extreme time and effort at first. This is the number one reason for failure when it comes to nutrition. It is when we find ourselves hungry, usually “starving” and unprepared. This results in making the wrong food choices, because they are conveniently located for times like these, or we over indulge even with good foods. When I hear people say they struggle with the P90X meal plan, especially women, I often ask where is the trouble? Is it with food choices? Portions? Or is it the fact that it takes a little research, organization and effort to be prepared to fuel your body with the right nutrients at the right times? The latter is the usual case.

So where do you turn? Who can you ask when you are struggling with the P90X meal plan. For women it is easier to turn to a peer and simply ask for help or advice. That is where the support of a system and people come into play. A coach can make the difference in your struggle and your successes. A coach can help you walk through each step of your fitness and nutrition journey. They can carry you over the pitfalls and traps. A coach can do this, because we have walked that same journey ourselves and most are still on one.

“To succeed you must first improve, to improve you must first practice, to practice you must first learn, and to learn you must first fail.” -Wesley Woo